ETH Time To Shine (Bullish Ethereum Analysis Revealed)

Uh, i think the media is gonna discover web three. I think institutions are gonna, be forced to discover ethereum and when the media discovers web three, they're gonna go hey what's, this ethereum! All about you mean there's.

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Today, we're, going to be looking at some new features from tokenmetrics. They're, going to help you make the best decisions. During your coin, research sat down with bill noble to talk about a gigantic change that they've made that should lead to more money.

For you, specifically, we're, going to look at how this called the ethereum move and how exciting it is that we're heading to new all-time highs for ethereum. Now, if you want to check out tokenmetrics, you can do that by visiting bitboycrypto.

com deals, scroll down to tokenmetrics and get signed up all right guys, let's, see what bill had to say, hey guys. I am very pleased today to be joined by one of my favorite people out there in one of my favorite companies out there uh.

This is uh bill, noble from token metrics, our coin research of site he's, always got some excellent insight. Uh former goldman sachs uh, i was an analyst on their equity derivatives desk. You definitely have done a lot of it.

You know a lot of big things with token metrics and you know we know it works so awesome. Uh today, uh obviously is easter. As everyone knows, uh not when we're recording, but when you guys will be watching this - and i hope we're in the midst of an easter pump uh, you guys know we love that word easter, so uh bill tell us What are you seeing for ethereum right now, and i know tokametrics - has kind of some new uh trend, analysis kind of stuff uh that i think is very favorable for ethereum.

So let's start out. What is what are the prospects for ethereum right now? Well, i mean right now, ether is doing a tremendous job of recovering versus bitcoin, and that could actually be the start of a monster move frequently when ether sort of sits in a range.

Historically, it's, been the prelude to a takeoff yeah uh. There are a lot of positive catalysts for ether as people know, so you want to be on the train and you definitely don't want to get in front of it.

Now at token, metrics we & # 39. Ve got something new called a visual trends indicator. What this does is it provides you with moving average signals, but the moving averages have like a machine learning spice to it, yeah, and it keeps you from over trading and it provides you with something that, as my boss, ian bolina says, even your parents and grandparents Can see and understand now, with e with ether? Okay, there was a bullish signal in early march and most notable when ether did kind of its stop.

Fl stop running puke, the indicator did not change and it kept you involved. So you know if you really want to have ether, as you said right, the token metrics visual trends indicator and some of our new portfolios uh, particularly for uniswap monthly.

You know have got a very decent chunk allocated to easter to ether, so so don't get you know i i don't think you should get in the way uh and it would be funny going back to thanksgiving and christmas.

I know you & # 39. Ve got an international audience, but crypto loves to make big moves on holidays. It does, you know not valentine's day, but other holidays. It did now. I did notice. I didn't want to ask you about this for uh just token metrics in general.

If anybody wants to sign up for token metrics, you guys can head on over to deals. We got token metrics deal there for you guys, but i noticed are the price predictions gone uh because i was looking through there earlier and is this? Is this new representation of the trend analysis? Is this replacing? What were the price predictions? Yes, this is a interesting replacement and an upgrade uh of the price prediction.

You know we're, trying to give you something. You know more tangible right now we're running it across 600 coins uh in a month or so that will be running. We'll, be running it across 6 000 coins. Also, this visual trends indicator is going to go and add some spice to our quant grading system yeah.

So the machine learning and the ai guys have got uh some new gumbo cooking yeah. I love it because i you know what's funny is i actually just uh this morning was putting together my top coins for april video that you know the people will have now watched a few days ago and uh.

You know i was looking for the price predictions i liked. Looking at those - and i stumbled across this, i was like oh, i bet this is the new replacement for that, because you know the thing is is when it comes to price predictions.

You know they can be really so far off sometimes, and even if they're 90 correct. I think people might get bad entry points. Sometimes. I think it's better to kind of look at the trends and chunks and when things are bullish you know you can go to get entries and you can get in.

But then, when you see those bearish indicators, you know that's, that's, a good time to sell and and kind of hit the pause button yeah and for people who, like kind of a more active trading theme, we've actually got this.

You know for slower, moving hodlers right and we & # 39. Ve also got a faster version that's, actually going to provide more signals. Now you might also get more false signals, but you might also get some really good ones so for people who, like that short term thinking, you know, we, we kept you in mind when we upgraded yeah that's good, because i know most of My people have the attention span of a goldfish.

Yes, in crypto, there is a lot of shiny object syndrome and we want to give people the best tools possible and help them think uh rather than chase yeah, and i think i think you made a really good point, though uh a little bit earlier, going back To talking about ethereum - and this is the thing like - people really get confused because bitcoin steals so much of the attention so much of the spotlight when it's doing well.

You know this year. Ethereum has still outperformed bitcoin and we talk about it. A lot even last month, which is as crazy as things look, you know: um ethereum, still outperformed bitcoin in terms of its value.

It made progress on bitcoin, which is hard for people to believe uh, and it just shows you like the norm is a theory about performing it, and the thing is: is you really hit the nail on the head when you said that it coils up for big Moves bitcoin will make more gradual movement, but ethereum will go stagnant for a long time and then just kind of explode out of nowhere, and we've.

Seen that all throughout you know several of the market cycles, and i think we're going to see that again and i guess that's kind of what you're expecting as well. Yeah same same same type of price action in ether, same theme, right, sit, sit, sit, bore everyone to tears and then go yeah right.

It's. Probably a tough trade uh, frequently the toughest the best trades are, the toughest trades and it's, tough to come in and pay 1900 for ether, which is probably why it'll wind up being a good trade.

I think the media is going to discover web 3. I think institutions are going to be forced to discover ethereum and when the media discovers web 3, they're, going to go hey. What's, this ethereum? All about you mean there's, an alternative banking system being built right.

So when this hits the legacy press, i mean we know, i know crypto world knows, but when it hits legacy there's a whole new horde of buyers out there that when eth, as you noted on one of our live streams or panels, a Long time ago, when each when ethereum becomes a household name, what what's, its price going to be 19.

50 or i don't, know 5, 000. or more or more. I find i will find it very highly unlikely that ethereum my low target for a theorem is 15 000. For this cycle i mean, if you're, looking at bitcoin approaching 300 000, like a lot of people.

Think now look if bitcoin doesn't approach that number. If bitcoin hits 120 000, then obviously ethereum will not get close to those numbers, but i mean i think most of us believe that you know we're, replacing the legacy system.

Bitcoin is going to be crushing it there's, so much attention it's going. You know. The stock flow chart shows 290 000 uh. You know so i i think ethereum is going to go way higher than uh than five thousand dollars or what are your thoughts on that yeah? I mean i think, ethereum versus bitcoin's, got a shot at going to point one yeah.

I think that's, something like you know, if you have, if you have like 120 000 bitcoin, that's 5 to 6k for ether, and then there's, another way to think about ether. You know if you think about theta nfts and all these other alt coins that have just totally mooned and done a two or three x.

No one talks about the fact that there's, no reason why ether can't do a two or three x or more, i mean other alt coins. Did it and there's, so much room between the market. Cap of ether and bitcoin, and why not yeah abso absolutely and it's? It's kind of silly, in my opinion.

To think that you know any other coin is going to unseat ethereum right now during this cycle. Maybe maybe four years from now we'll, see cardano or polka dot, or you know something else, but i think the base that ethereum is building right now with the institutional investors, because you know it's.

Funny, as michael saylor said, when he was on the show that oh, he can't, possibly see institutional investors put money in ethereum and since he said that we've, seen more money flowing into ethereum from the institutional side you don't see, you know there's, not seen any futures getting launched for anything outside of ethereum right now other than you know, bitcoins already existed, so you know.

I think that institutional argument for ethereum is a very strong one, and i think that is what is going to make. You know the biggest difference for ethereum in this bull run. Yeah i mean you've. Had you know your cardinals and your polka dots and your binance coin rally that's been like the ethereum protest, trade right and then people are going to sit and say wait a minute.

Why are we protesting this? I mean yeah. This rallies are okay, but what are we? Why aren't we buying this yeah and then there's. This whole other idea with bitcoin. You know okay, so you got a bunch of bitcoin and then the next game at the institutional level, is what kind of yield are you getting on it? How do you get a return on your bitcoin? Well, guess what folks that bitcoin is going to have to head into the ethereum ecosystem into defy to get a return? You can't, you're, not going to be able to just sit there with your bitcoin over the next 12 months yeah.

So you know for the bitcoin guys. You know you can politely look at them and say, sir respectfully you will be spending your money on altcoins, whether you like it or not, web3 is coming and you will need to return.

You know what's so interesting. It just backs up everything. You said on this channel every time you came on here, you know bank of america put out their report and they said they're, not really threatened by bitcoin the bitcoin's.

Main value is going up; they're threatened by defy they literally said. We are scared of what decentralized finance built on ethereum is gonna. Do that's, where people really just got to open their eyes and realize what's coming with wet point? You know web 3.

0, it's, going to be huge um but bill as always. Thank you so much for coming on the show today very happy to talk ethereum with you talk, tokenmetrics, of course. If anybody wants to sign up for tokenmetrics and get these type of insights, you guys can head on over to bitboycritter.

com deals scroll down to tokenmetrics page uh bill anything you want to leave us with today. Yeah come visit us well. First of all, thanks for having me on the show, absolutely uh and you know, stay with tokenmetrics.

com, because we're gonna provide you with the guidance that you need, whether you're, an advanced crypto player or if you're new out there. We have something who that can help you so stay with us yeah.

Absolutely you can't, go wrong with token metrics, that's. Why we love you guys? We we use token metrics to make our picks every month and it hasn't, let us down in two years so uh bill. As always. Thank you for coming on the show guys, let us know down below in the comments uh what you guys want to see uh the next time bill comes on, because i think we want to get you on the schedule.

Maybe once a month coming on the show and talking because these are such insightful interviews uh, so everybody drop those comments down below that's. All i got be blessed good boy out: [, Music ], you