Ethereum is BACK! (HUGE Potential for MOST Undervalued Crypto 2021)

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Button also guys today marks the return of the official ethereum channel on youtube, because no one can tell me otherwise the little baby wine and miners they can all get together and try to overthrow me with a show of force, but it's.

My mother official channel guys ethereum pumping today 2100. We've formed what looks like to be a new line of resistance, uh, sorry that would be at 2150. It hit that last night uh and then it went back down to about 2100 is where it's.

Sitting now, 2100 is looking pretty solid at the moment it could dip down. But here's. What's important? We have broken new all-time highs for ethereum and the new marks that people are looking at is somewhere around 24 to 2600.

I believe we will be at 2500 uh fairly soon. Now let's. Talk a little bit about ethereum a little bit about some of the stuff that maybe caused this and then let's, look at uh it and where we think we could be going next.

So first we had the big news yesterday or really about 48 hours ago or so that came out where mark cuban said. He believes that ethereum is the closest thing we have in crypto to a true currency kind of an asinine statement.

Doesn't. Really make sense, but what he's really saying there is hey. Bitcoin is digital gold, so the number two cryptos got to be closer to money. I don't really agree with him on that. Uh ethereum, though, does have a lot of value as a store value coin and then also as the utility for the ethereum network itself.

Uh ethereum has got a lot of great stuff to like about it, but that news was pretty big. But if we go back a little bit further, okay - and we were to look at the news that came out early last week, which includes that now visa is going to allow people to settle their payments.

Their credit card payments in usdc, that is the u.s coinbase dollar. Now we've, also told you guys uh for about six months now that we believe eventually usdc will take over usdt. So basically, the coinbase dollar will become the stablecoin of choice favored over tether.

We know tethers got a lot of problems not nearly as bad as they make it sound to be uh, but you know the fact is. We do want to see that we want to see the stable coins which, by the way, stable coins on exchanges are at an all-time high, indicating a huge influx of volume is coming, so those are two things that really seem to push ethereum up back up above Uh two thousand dollars hitting new all-time highs.

I would argue a lot of it has to do with the appearance of the easter bunny. Yesterday, on the channel, what great timing the easter bunny had jumping up on stage with his eggs, exactly as i predicted, but the fact is guys right now what we're, seeing from bitcoin is we're, seeing volatility slow down? We're, seeing it range from 5, 800 or 58 000 5800.

Just about a year and a half ago, uh, 5. 800 to 60 000. We're, seeing it bounce in between those levels, and a lot of people are saying: wow bitcoin sure is boring right now that's. What we want that's, exactly what we want for an altcoin season.

Now question is: how long is this all coin season going to be and how much will ethereum you know, play a role in it. I think ethereum is going to absolutely crush it uh over this time and that's, certainly very exciting uh, since we saw it kind of got skipped over with the last altcoin pump.

If you will, but we look at the coinbase ipo. Okay, we look at the coinbase ipo and we say huh. What effect is that going to have on bitcoin that's? Why? I believe there's, a good chance. We might see strong volatility in the altcoin market this week.

We could see ethereum go as high as 2500 this week. 2400 is a pretty good target. I'm, not sure i'm ready to dress up like cupid and have a valentine's day party yet, but we certainly will be doing that when we hit 2500.

But the fact is uh that when you look at the coinbase ipo launching on april 14th, that is a very important day. We know april 6th is the day that they're, going to be releasing their uh quarter. One earnings which has a lot to kind of do with what's happening on the stock market, not as much to do with what is happening with bitcoin, but on april 14th, when the coinbase ipo launches, i fully expect bitcoin to moon.

I expect it to lead up a few days before the launch to get people super excited about bitcoin and about the coinbase ipo. You have to remember that those who hold large allocations of the public company of coinbase for the it says it's.

A direct listing they're, going to actually be able to sell all their shares whenever they want. Now we don't think they're going to do that, but they will. Certainly, i'm sure sell a large percentage of that.

So what that means is what is the number one thing that affects the cryptocurrency market? Of course it's bitcoin and the price of bitcoin. So because of that, i believe, as we get closer to that april 14th day, we will move out of this limited volatility for bitcoin and we will see the price start to go back up now.

What does that mean for ethereum? Well, it's. A great question: traditionally, we've, seen bitcoin ethereum kind of move in tandem. So i believe what we're, going to see over the next 10 to 12 days is, we are going to see.

Bitcoin goes sideways for about half that time. Aetherium start to catch up with some of the ethereum against the price of bitcoin. The ethereum dominance level will go up. The bitcoin dominance level will go down, but we'll start to see ethereum eat away at bitcoin's.

Lead in terms of you know the percentage of the price of one ethereum compared to the price of bitcoin. Then, and only then will we see bitcoin start to move again, but then i believe ethereum will match its moves and will continue to uh go upward.

So what does this mean? I think in the short term we will see a limited explosion for ethereum in the longer medium term for the next let's, say after two to four weeks, then i think we will see ethereum continue on a climb, but it will be a Little slower and a little more methodical, if you will, if you look at the chart, you know the a stair step pattern from a bottom left to a top right seems to indicate steady movement.

Ethereum moves in explosions. It's like a ballistic missile. Sits still and then it explodes - and i think after that we're, going to see the google trends start to climb back up for ethereum, we're, going to see content on youtube once again become more ethereum friendly.

I told the cardano and the polkadot people uh and the binance uh the b b people the buy any smart chain people i said, look while ethereum is down. You got to kick it, you got to kick it while it's down, because any thing that you can do to eat up market share against ethereum.

While the price is down, those projects had to do, and they did a pretty good job of it, but eth is back and it's time to go boom. It's, time to shine again time to start making a lot more. Ethereum content - i'm - very excited about it.

I hope your bags are packed. Hope you guys are ready. Hope you're having a good easter weekend that's. All i got love you be blessed good boy out.