Ethereum Millionaire: Become Rich with 10 ETH (Why It's Realistic)

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Button well, happy easter, east has arisen and uh. You know, hope a lot of you guys remember what today is uh really all about it.'s, not all about easter egg hunts. Uh it's about uh. You know the lord and ether uh so guys.

Let's. Get into this video today i & # 39. Ve got a few things. I want to talk to you guys about and kind of a funny story, uh that just comes along with uh. Being in this business, so i think you guys might find kind of funny.

I know i did uh. So first we're going to talk about bitcoin. I'm, going to tell a little story. Then i want to talk about ethereum and something that people fundamentally misunderstand about the opportunity that lies with ethereum.

Why i'm, so incredibly bullish on it, okay, guys! So let's start with bitcoin. So yesterday, bitcoin had a dramatic fall. A lot of people believe that this was due to facebook news getting released about how in 2019, they had a huge hack, where i think it was.

I can't. Remember the exact number. I think it's, like 500 million people. 500 million people's, data or something like that was leaked and all the hackers released. All the data yesterday well here's.

The thing about that. Did you think facebook didn't? Have all your data hacked anyways? I mean that information probably is uh all around, but the thing you need to be paying attention to is that when it comes to uh when it comes to your data and george was talking about this last night, uh from crypto's rs.

So you know i got kind of this idea to talk about this from him, so i want to give him a little credit there. The fact is is that all of the information that was included in this facebook hack is all the information you would need to try to sim card, swap someone or try to go to an exchange and tell them hey.

You know i have my account hacked and then you give them all the fake person's. Information or you give the you are the fake person. If you're, doing this, which i don't think you guys are hackers, but i basically only short of it is.

If you know someone's birthday, their email address all of their personal information, then that gives you the opportunity to possibly be able to. You know break into someone's account somewhere, whether it's, an exchange.

You guys just remember to be safe. If you are gonna, have money on an exchange, make sure it's for trading. If you have any money on an exchange that's outside of what you specifically trade, with on a daily basis, make sure it & # 39.

S in, like coinbase, has a vault, for instance, uh that you can. You know it takes like. I think 48 hours and like two different email addresses, confirm a lot of different stuff, so just make sure you guys are being careful.

So a lot of people think that had something to do with the price drop. Yesterday i'm, not a hundred percent sure it really has anything to do with it, but you know the fact is: the timing was a little strange on market cyber.

We did get a yellow x yesterday, meaning manipulation on the way down. There was a blood diamond. I had jumped into a long right before that and guys i just haven't, been paying as much attention to trading as i probably should have been lately.

So i got in the blood diamond popped up. I didn't, see it. I was doing family stuff at an easter egg hunt and you know: didn't, see it and then the price started dropping and i almost got really wrecked.

I almost got liquidated yesterday. Our challenge almost came to a screeching halt because i wasn't paying attention um and then lo and behold the prices are coming back up. Well, we talk every week about the cme gap.

Now the thing is is that cme gap is seen as a negative thing when you know, basically, the opening price of the cme futures opens uh above the weekend close. That creates like a magnet effect on the downside, and we almost always see those getting filled.

Last sunday, cme gap did not get filled, then the numbers like 98 percent of gaps get filled, but in the history of bitcoin 100 of the gaps on the upside eventually get filled, because the price is always going up.

Well, what? What? What did we close out on friday about 59 000? I don't. Have the exact number in front of me. I don't. Have the chart pulled up as i'm driving here, a guy flexing this camaro. That's, my hellcat, i always think it's funny when people flex on me.

Do you know what this is uh, but anyways, guys uh? The fact is, we could have a cme gap to the upside forming depending upon how high bitcoin is able to go. Today we get back up to 59 000. It won't be there, but if we say in the 57 and 58 000 range we're gonna have a cme gap.

That next week will surely pull us up uh back above 59 000 and we'll. Once again try to challenge 60 000, for i think, the fourth or fifth or sixth time it's a lot of times, so we do have that going on um we'll.

Tell you guys a funny story about yesterday. So i'm in the hellcat i'm with the family. We're, going to an easter egg hunt and uh this tacoma toyota tacoma. I think it was is behind me and i'm going pretty fast.

Like i ain't gonna lie. I was going about a you know about an 80 90 on a highway, and then you know the comb is trying to keep up with me and i'm like what in the world like once again. Why are you flexing your tacoma on my hellcat? So i you know i hit it.

I hit it real, quick, like i get up to about a hundred, and i'm like yeah, he'll, get the message. Well, he just keeps blind up behind me and i'm like what is going on, so we go to turn and he pulls up beside me at a red light and i i assume it's, his wife, probably your girlfriend fiance.

Whatever she leans up over him rolls the window down and says i need to know if i have enough etherium, i almost died. I was like you, my wife was like it was a funny story and to those people i'm sure you're watching this video.

I thought that was awesome. If you guys ever see me, you can always talk to me uh. We were running late to an egg hunt, so we didn't have time to stop but um. You know she had mentioned our meetup this week that she wasn't going to be able to come, and here's.

What i would tell everybody if you can come to our meetup in the atlanta area in marietta on wednesday, and i think it's - 6 30 to nine andretti's, which is going to be a madhouse there. What i would say is that's.

Okay, we're, going to have plenty more meetups. We're, going to have a lot of meetups when we get our new building uh. When we get that fully moved in, we will probably do meetups and workshops there, and you guys will have you know pretty pretty fairly open access to me at that point.

So if you're in this area, don't stress about missing the meet up this week. There will be plenty of more opportunities, but i don't want to share that story with you guys, because i thought i got a got a big kick out of that one so uh.

I thought it was cool uh. Definitely so all right. So here's, the thing let's, talk about ethereum, let's. Talk about the potential of ethereum! I've, been talking to a lot of people lately and you know they're.

Just such an advantage to being in this market for a long time, uh being in this market for so many cycles, because if you were not here in 2017, then it's really hard for you to grasp the numbers that we'Re talking about when we give price predictions now, whether ethereum will hit 27k or 20k.

I don't know i'm. I'm very confident. We'll hit at least 15k people are saying that maybe we're talked out at 2100 dollars. I'm, just like guys. You have no idea what this looks like. We see the same cycle every every four years, and so the thing about ethereum is even once we hit 2500.

The the real incredible movements in this bull run are at the end of the ball game. If you think about the crypto markets right now as a baseball game, nine innings, now we're in about the fourth, almost the fifth inning of this thing - and you may be saying well, durian was at 300, and now it's.

At you know, 2100, that's; a 7x it can't, go much higher or if we're only halfway, that means maybe it'll go up another 7x, or something like that. This is what you have to realize about the the markets in the cryptocycles.

The eighth and ninth inning is where the parabolic action is. That is when we go whoop, so we could be sitting at ethereum around. You know five thousand dollars in the summer and then, in september and october we could see the price of ethereum go upwards of 20 000.

It could. It could basically 4x in a couple months, even at those crazy high numbers and here's. Another thing people don't understand. We're talking about the potential of ethereum, you start figuring out like okay.

Well, if bitcoin is going to go uh, you know let's just say to 300 000. That means the market cap's. Gon na have to be like six or seven trillion, and then you start doing the math on what it's, going to take to get ethereum all the way to twenty thousand or twenty seven thousand dollars, and i don't have That that math in front of me right now, but the thing is here's, what you have to understand it's, not a cumulative amount of market cap um right now.

I think ethereum is around 200 billion dollars. It's, probably closer to three. At this exact moment, i'm, not a hundred percent sure, but i'm just going to give you guys some some relative numbers here.

If the price is at 200 billion dollars - and we were to say it was going to 10x from here - that means that the price of the the market cap of ethereum would have to be two trillion dollars, which would be more than bitcoin is right now, okay, So when you start to do that, math you say: okay, if we're gonna need bitcoin to get to let's.

Just say you know six or seven trillion dollars and then you need aetherium to go to two trillion dollars and you say wow what carton and polka dot uh you know. What are they gonna have to go to you start doing that math and like doesn't really add up it.

Doesn't really start making a lot of sense, but this is what you have to understand. It's, not a cumulative market cap, because these things are going to peak at different times. So, while bitcoin might hit 600 trillion or i'm - sorry, not 600 trillion.

That would be pretty freaking right, while bitcoin may hit. Let's, just say: 6 trillion dollars and ethereum hits 2 trillion. Well, the fact is, ethereum is not going to hit 2 trillion. At the same time, the bitcoin hit six trillion dollars.

Okay, let's. Just say: bitcoin goes to six trillion. Well, one trillion of that could come out and move over to ethereum, because that's, the way that the markets work. Okay, you're, not adding up all these market caps at their peak and that's.

How we get the overall market cap uh of cryptocurrency in general, that's, not the way that it works. The bitcoin goes up. People pull profits, they put it in ethereum, then they take profits and ethereum and they put it in other things, and the market kind of moves like a fountain in that way.

So the point here is: is it if you sit there and try to figure out the potential of ethereum and the math is not really making sense? You just got to keep in mind that it's going to get displaced. You're, not adding all the market caps together.

I still believe that ethereum is the best and safest opportunity for you to become a millionaire in this bull run. I think right now, if we were to do some math, i mean if you were able to have 50 ethereum that could easily make you a millionaire in this bull run.

I really believe that, and i know the cost of ethereum is getting pretty high. So if you're late to this market, it might be hot. You know hard for you to to collect 50, but even if you have 10, if you have 10 and you sell the top in october or september or maybe november at the latest, moving over to stable coins or move it over to dollars, let the price fall Back and then you can very easily become a millionaire with even 10 ethereum.

I do believe that for the next run, you just got to remember how quickly this entire market is developing um and you know people are getting excited. We got paris hilton following me on twitter these days she's in bitcoin.

That's, something i never thought i would say in my life um, but uh. You know. I definitely think if you knew who i was talking to tomorrow. You'll see. This thing is just getting absolutely huge. Also a reminder to you guys: taylor, rapp, nfl safety for the los angeles rams.

He is uh having his the final day of his auction for his nfts today, and i would tell you guys this uh that i know he's had some problems on openc. What we encountered the other day, uh, where you have to change the e to wheath uh, w eth.

That means wrapped aetherium, that's, been keeping a lot of people from putting bids on those. So i'm, not sure if they're all gonna sell out or not um. But what i would say is you guys go support the man he's, trying to help you know.

Cryptocurrency uh bring attention to it. I'm, not sure if they & # 39. Ll go on a different platform after that, but i learned a lot. I've, never used open c. Specifically, i've used wearable and some other platforms uh, but that extra step to wrap over to eth is a little complicated but anyways guys that's.

All i got today. I hope you guys enjoy uh this easter weekend. I hope you guys are with your family. You guys are a hundred eggs and then, of course, remembering what today is actually all about, and even if you can't get down with that message, i'm.

Sure, love and forgiveness is definitely something that you could understand all right guys. Thank you for watching that's. All i got be blessed good boy out.