Most Underrated Crypto Project (Top NFT Gem 2021)

Today we're, going to discuss a coin, that's been widely asked for an in-depth review by our team, ecome or omi ecomi. Although the vv platform, doesn & # 39, t allow taking nfts off of it, could be one of the biggest, if not the biggest nft players in the space.

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Ve got a big video for you today, as we're talking about a project that zoomed to the top of the charts and is sent out of correction meaning it could be a great buying opportunity, of course, not financial advice or heck, not even Nft advice, but let's dig into this nft platform, so i'm going to treat you like.

You are new to nfts and ecome. For the sake of this, video omi is the token that powers, the vv platform, which is used to buy and display top-notch tier 1 fts from numerous major brands. If you don't know what ecome is, it has been making waves due to the company behind it v.

The app has extensive partnerships and licensing deals. If you don't know what an nft is. You may have been living under a rock or even inside a cave for the past six months, as this craze has absolutely exploded.

Nfts represent unique collectible items such as rare cards or characters that exist on the blockchain. These can be traced to a verified owner and, usually are scarce, still have trouble understanding that concept go watch the snl clip where they explain what the heck an nft is.

I can't even put a second of the skit on due to the copyright trolls lurking about ready to flag my videos, of course, despite the fact that i could give snl more views than they've had in years. Oh well, lawyers, it's, your loss, no free advertising for you all jokes aside.

Vivia is an easy to use and intuitive app that allows users to browse a wide range of licensed digital high quality products. Once they're purchased owners can view trade or visualize our digital collectibles, using the latest augmented reality, technologies which have become standard in most smartphones, ecomie has secured licenses and partners with some of the biggest names in the world, including, of course partnering with Us for this video, so thank you to omi for supporting the channel through this sponsored video, but there are many more big partners.

Of course, a few of those names are included in these images and they aren't small names either. To put this bluntly, ecomi is one of the most well-connected projects in the nft space. They seemingly came out of nowhere.

At least it seemed that way at first, my lead researcher. The cat did an ama with this project a month ago. I overlooked it at first because generally i'm, a dog guy. I trust dogs, but then the cat told me how well connected these guys are how they announced a partnership with general motors during the q, a he then said, one name on the team which i'll, get to later that stood out and when He told me what brands the one person helped facilitate.

I was blown away and sold. I then started digging into them and what i found was that comey was setting up to be the go-to nft project as early as last year before the unspeakable pandemic. That will get us demonetized if we say the vv app was a sponsor to the biggest nft conference in new york city called nft.

nyc. At this conference, e comey, ceo dan cruthers, held a main stage speaking engagement during the event on stage. At the event, dan revealed premium licenses and brand partners for the first time turning heads with names like warner, brothers, capcom, cbs cartoon network, so we're.

Talking about good old dan now seems like a better time to discuss some of the other members of the stellar team. Comey was founded by ceo, david yu, ceo dan crothers and joseph janik. The cio janic has successfully started and ran a number of international e-commerce and online marketing businesses, hewl80 comey in online commerce and marketing business and product development, customer acquisition and asset management.

The team also includes head of licensing alfred khan, who also gave a speech after the conference at a vip dinner, titled billion dollar insights, why the collectibles industry is moving to nfts. You may know the name, alfred khan.

If you don't, i'm about to school you, because this man is a legend in the licensing industry. Yes, alcon is that one name that stood out to me, khan's. Properties are responsible for more than 25 billion dollars in retail revenue.

Khan was the founder chairman and ceo of for kids entertainment from 1991 until 2011.. He is recognized as an industry leader in licensing behemoth. His company for kids entertainment was responsible for some of the biggest names, including pokemon yu-gi-oh, teenage mutant, ninja, turtles, cabbage patch, kids, of course, old polly pockets.

However, vivi hasn't announced a partnership with pokemon or any of the other names with khan. At the head of licensing it's, probably not that far away, though khan was also responsibility for developing licensing, marketing and brand development for other iconic international brands, including nintendo mario brothers, zelda and donkey kong, james bond world wrestling federation monster, jam, monster trucks And microsoft's xbox this guy is a heavyweight in the industry.

Competing with them is not an easy task, however. Khan is just ecomee's. Licensing head, the ceo of ecome is david yu, who has two decades of experience in collectibles gaming, retail products and distribution along with licensing you old 17 established companies under his belt and has spent the past 20 years, working with intellectual property, licensing and branding for major Brands when it comes to licensing, you himself is no lightweight.

He's established relationships with international brands and intellectual properties, including konami games, capcom games, workshop middle earth and tokidoki to name a few. He owns a company called games, r us which distributes intellectual property to the following brands under its subsidiary company gru distributions it's, also important to mention here for further context that khan and you have actually been friends for years.

Khan, worked with you to be one of the first to bring some of the world's biggest licenses to new zealand in australia, including pokemon and yu-gi-oh, are all of these companies partners with economy.

No, but the connections between khan and you could encompass almost every major brand in the entertainment industry, if not every single one. So if only some of these brands join in the nft craze ecomie and the vv app will be successful, comey looks to have the premier brands in ft space cornered similar to how engine has the gaming scene.

I've run out of time. For this video, though we actually haven't even discussed the actual vv app itself and how not only you can make and buy nfts, but you can also display them in multiple different collector arenas, including themed ones such as the batcave for batman.

I always forgot, though, you have to buy gems in the vv app with your omi to be able to buy collector and fts, which are priced in gyms. One gym is always equal to one us dollar, whereas the omi token fluctuates with market value.

Gems can also be purchased without omi, making onboarding non-crypto users. Incredibly easy. I'll. Leave you with a statement. Nfts are the next big trend and will take the world by storm, reshaping the collectibles industry and with all these connections and partners you comey will be at the head of it.

Don't. Take my word for it. Alfred khan. Has this to say, the magnitude of blockchain technology will disrupt the collectibles industry by giving licensed brands another platform to sell and protect their digital.

Ip ecomie will set the standard in this space. Do not miss the nft craze we are just at the beginning and don't sleep on any comey. It's already mooned, so i guess now it may be heading to mars. Hopefully there are no aliens there, but let me know if you think ecomi is out of this world or if you think, nfts are all overrated.

If you like, nft projects also make sure to go ahead and smash that, like button for us on your way out that's, all i got be blessed good boy out: [, Music, ] foreign