TV’s TOP Comedian Joe Gatto LOVES Bitcoin, Ethereum, & NFTs

And I really loved the fact that you could do two things., I loved the ability to sign it., The automated signature, I thought was really really cool. And then I also liked the idea of lockable content that only the owners get.

. So I did some fun stuff with that., So that was a really fun thing. And I felt like this NFT thing was something I didn't know about, but excited me as a creative person. BitSwap is the hottest new way to trade.

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. My name is Ben. Everyday. On this channel, I show you how to make money in cryptocurrency. If you like money and crypto, make sure to hit that subscribe. Button. Today guys in this video, I sat down with Joe Gatto of Impractical, Jokers to discuss his upcoming NFT release that you can get your hands on at OpenSea.

. We will have the link down below. I've got to say Joe is an awesome. Guy. I had a great time talking to him.. I think you're, going to get a lot out of this video.. I dutch oven my cats.. Let's, go ahead and jump in.

, Hey everybody. I am pleased to be joined by Joe Gatto of the show Impractical Jokers.. A lot of you guys know him love him, probably laughed at him. For the people that don't know Joe. Can you just kind of explain a little bit about your story and what you do in the entertainment world, Sure.

Sure Ben. I'll. Also explain to you because I love you're candid saying I don't necessarily know who you are, but people in the office do so. I love that about you.. So many in my audience --. I love you straight up.

Look, I know who you are., I mean, I know what the show is.. I know who you are.. I don't watch. A lot of you know non-Netflix. I guess you could say, but I know --. I've. Seen a few minutes of the show.

, I saw something where you know you guys are doing impractical. Jokes. Great job, great job., See Look at you., You're, an expert. Thank you.. I'm from the TV show Impractical Jokers.. You know we're in our 9th season on truTV.

, I've been doing it for about a decade., And I'm also on The Misery Index game show on TBS, which is a lot of fun., And I've, been you know, a comedian and photographer and just creative type. My whole life.

, So I'm, excited to be talking about the whole NFT market with you, guys. Yeah. So one of the things that I really like about what I do is that I've, been able to bring like a lot of my friends like you know.

A lot of people know TJ my business partner.. We're, good friends. And then a lot of people that work here like good friends that I've brought on. And my wife says you guys kind of have a similar story with Impractical, Jokers right, Yeah yeah.

. I know the guys. So me and the guys have been friends since high school.. We met freshman year of high school. Yeah., So 30 years of friendship. Longer than most marriages. And we've, been you know, we've, been doing comedy.

Together., We formed our comedy troupe, The Tenderloins in 1999., And we started with doing just improv comedy here in New York.. We're from New York. City. And doing improv comedy moved on to sketch comedy tried.

A couple failed TV shows and then finally hit success with our version of the hidden camera comedy show Impractical, Jokers Yeah., and you know we like to say we're, a 16-year overnight success. And you know we got into -- Right.

. I can relate to that totally. We got into touring you know., We toured live, which is great.. I've, been fortunate enough to tour all over. The US. Played The Garden here in New York., The Boston Garden we played.

. I got over to London a couple times. We toured over there.. I got to play The O2 in London., So it's been a really crazy ride and I'm super fortunate. Yeah that's awesome. And, like I said that's. One thing I really enjoy about what I do is being able to work with my friends.

. I know that's, something you probably Yeah. You know had a lot of fun, a lot success, with. And, I think really, as we move into kind of talking about NFTs and the world of cryptocurrency. You know you and I are fortunate.

We get to do what we love. And we get to have fun doing it., Not everybody. They're in that position.. They, you know, might be working a job And I think what we're. Seeing is we're? Seeing a big change in the economy and the world of careers and the world of trading and investing and making money, and we're just like in this new generation.

So what I hope for my audience is that eventually they get to learn what that's like and they get to do a lot of fun stuff because of the money that's available in cryptocurrency and kind of this new economy.

Here., So let's, get into Joe let's. Talk a little bit about your NFT, how you got into the world of NFTs - and you know kind of just explain, that. Yeah, so I was --. I, of course you know it came on to everybody's radar in a big way, especially in the celebrity world, with the Gronk collection of his cards and the big story that wrapped around that.

- And you know I know it's - Been around for a long time before that., I also don't, know much about it, which also excites me a little bit too.. So I know -- Yeah., That's very candid.. You actually admitted that you didn't, know something.

, That's, a quality I like in people. Yeah. I know. I was going to say I mean you know: good people, know. Good people, know right That's --. So I was like you know: I've, always been --. I've, been a photographer for a long time.

. I tongue in cheek call my photography & quot gattography & quot. It's, a pun. Yeah. It's great.! Oh I like that., I'm, a big fan., So I actually made the banner on my NFT page on OpenSea that have a GATTOGRAPHY.

So just so you have a little bit of my personality on that page, but we, you know so I've, always you know been a fan of sharing my art. So over the past couple, I guess four or five years I'Ve had like a gallery where I did prints that people bought.

, I had a gallery for a weekend, which is a lot of fun in the city, and then I just recently did a photo --. A coffee table book called The Dogfather where I took pictures of all my rescue dogs and I told stories about them.

. So I put that together and I self published that through Amazon and worked with Adobe, you know the Adobe Suite to create it, which I always loved and enjoyed, and then my next reason for to do something.

Creative was like the NFT.. I was like & quot. What am I gonna do for the NFT & quot, And I & # 39. Ve had had an idea for a while to take pictures of this figurine that I affectionately called Little Belly.

. He's based on a character from a TV show. A guy played Captain Fat Belly in one of the punishments. And a fan had sent it over to me., And so I took some photography with it. And then I really loved the fact that you could do two things.

. I loved the ability to sign it.. The automated signature, I thought, was really really cool. And then I also liked the idea of lockable content that only the owners get., So I did some fun stuff with that.

, So that was a really fun thing. And I felt like this NFT thing was something I Didn't know about, but excited me as a creative, person. Yeah and I think the automated or the animated signature. I think that's.

One of the coolest features about this I think. And that's, something that I believe we're, going to see a lot more of.. It's kind of like the next evolution.. You know because what we saw at first was you know: people were putting out NFTs and they just put out a still image or whatever it is.

But now I think what a lot of the people who are wanting to get involved in NFTs. You know that have an audience is what they're. Seeing is you've got to have something that separates yours. And when I'm looking at yours, your photography here with the signature and things like that.

I think that's, definitely a big feature of your pieces. Here. Yeah I'm, a big collectible and memorabilia guy.. I'm, pretty nostalgic.. You know I have some stuff from some of my favorite movies growing up and from my favorite singers and people.

Do --. Do you I don't ...? Oh yeah., Oh, Look there. It is Wow! I'm sorry. Yeah., You'll, see it from --. I'm. Like nostalgic too.. I knocked Mike Tyson out as a kid so. That's. Great. Yeah I don't, see -- don't sleep on you, know.

You've got the Kool-Aid guy right there. You know Absolutely., You've got to sip the crypto Kool Aid. Sounds like you're, starting to sip it a little bit.. You know what I did say and I said to you before a little bit before we got on into the interview like I really am excited about just the cryptocurrency.

. I feel like it's. Our generation's, thing which can be kind of fun because it's, a way to discover and invest and make money. That is specific to our generation.. We talked earlier, like my parents, I'm 45 years old, so my parents, it was the stock market.

. My grandfather was like building his own business because a lot of people -- it wasn't as easy to do back in the day. Right - And you know he was an immigrant over from Italy. - He built a tomato business from the ground up and had the biggest tomato company in Staten Island.

. You know So like Wow. those kinds of like success stories of like that, finding a cool way to invest your money and make something happen. I really think that that's. What this whole cryptocurrency thing does for this generation.

Yeah. So when you were on stage - and you told a bad joke, would you think it was an honor if they threw tomatoes at you, then? Yes, I was.. It'd, be a research.. It's, a thesis., It's. A thesis a --, I love it.

. I love it.. It's, a tax article. Yeah, but you know I've --. I talk crypto a lot., It's. What I do. - And you know the idea - that this is kind of our generation's like way to launch businesses kind of, like you know, with your father and grandfather's, businesses and things like that.

You know that was a good opportunity for them.. This is this generation's opportunity. It's through cryptocurrency, and you know gamifying things and NFTs.. I thought that was really interesting, because I've, never heard anybody say that before.

And I think it really lines up like with what our mission statement here at BitBoy Crypto and our greater Hit Network. That we do some other shows on is you know, elevating potential to success in the new economy.

And that's. What we're seeing., We're, seeing a totally new economy. And, if you think about it, you know comedians will probably always be around right, But most jobs are probably going to be taken by AI and automation.

. What do you think about that? I mean I can tell a joke funnier than a robot. I hope., I hope so.. I could give you this laughback in return. Though. Ha Ha Ha That's, pretty good.. If I record that I guess I can play it at any time that I want.

, So I guess it's, the same thing. Yeah that's true., But yeah I mean that you have to always you know., That'S what human evolution is right, It's like you know, new things come and you have to either like jump in or be left behind with stuff.

You know It's, just the way the world is. And I personally -- my personality is to be excited by these things, Yeah. and not be like & quot. Oh, I used to walk uphill, both ways. & quot, Like if there's a better way to get to school Yeah.

. If I can ride my automated Segway to school instead of having to walk uphill, both ways like that's. Smarter! You know Yeah., So I'm, not afraid then.. I think that's kind of cool., So I do think it's.

Important. And a lot of people are just scared because there is -- there's. Two things at play with the whole crypto market. Right There's. Money. There's, real money, involved. Yeah., Like you're, putting it.

. You know I dove in and had to invest real money to try to do this whole thing., But then there's, also just so much information. Yeah.. So things like your show helps with that. But there's, also just so much to digest.

. Even if I just watched your show there's. So much that you have to talk about and cover., You know it's really just a little bit. Intimidating. Yeah - and I definitely can relate to that because you know we try to give --, we try be a very beginner-friendly channel, but even sometimes people come up and they'll say something to me like & quot.

Oh, you were talking about this very simple thing and it was way over my head. & quot And I'm just like & quot. Oh, you know that's, -- & quot. That's. My greatest fear is that I talk over people's heads.

. I never want to do that, and I think that's, something we try to do on the channel is relate to people, because we understand this is a big thing.. Like I didn't just like one day, wake up and read a book and I'm like & quot.

Ah I got it all. Now. & quot, Like the only reason why we're, so immersive on this channel, is because for years and years and years I was researching and doing videos. And you know there is a very steep learning curve to crypto.

And we certainly hope one day that that goes away. When people are able to use NFTs and use blockchain and use crypto without necessarily knowing they're doing it because, like you know, I always say like with the stock market.

You know people that are invested in Tesla like do they understand the way a Tesla engine works. You know Yeah., Absolutely not. Yeah., But the market is made it easy for people to get in and get in the stock.

World., We believe crypto is actually easier to get in than stock world when people start to understand it, but it's kind of, like you know, Rome, wasn't built in a day. And for anybody who's newer To crypto you know, I just encourage you like small bite at a time.

. You know just learn a little bit at a time.. So what do you know about crypto? What are some cryptocurrencies that you are familiar with? Well, I have Bitcoin.. I got into Bitcoin. My cousin, Michael Pullano, gave me a little bit of an overview.

And we talked about it and stuff. Yeah. And I dove in for a little bit of Bitcoin.. And then I got Etherem, of course, because you need Ethereum to trade, the NFTs.. So I got a little bit of that., But besides that now I'm kind of just like understanding, and I want to like kind of understand what I'm buying.

So like they were kind of for a purpose.. Like the Bitcoin thing I jumped on because I was like & quot Hey, I can make some money here. If I jump at the right, time. & quot And I jumped in at the right time, which was nice.

And then with Ethereum. It's. Now, because of utility. Like I want to actually use cryptocurrency. Yeah., So it's, interesting to have to --, like even the two different things that I own one was just to catch the wave and then the second one was like to actually do.

Business. So it's kind of fun, just to see within --, and that was within, like seven months or six months or seven months, to just see already in a different way, with two different currencies.. We call it becoming more degenerate.

That's, what we call it here. Okay., So we can relate to that. Nice, Okay For sure., So yeah that's very interesting. I think your comments that are about Ethereum. Like and that's, why we push Ethereum big time on this channel because you have to have it to do so.

Many things. People that have these narratives, that's, like you know, & quot. Oh, the Ethereum price didn't go up this week, so we should sell it. & quot Like that's, not a good way to look at it.. This is a big long-term.

You know move. Now you said about six or seven months.. You bought Bitcoin, six or seven months ago, Yeah.. So back in August September-ish, Sometime around there Like October Yeah, I think it was October.

Yeah October. Pretty good time to get in at then huh Yeah. It was a smart time., It was pretty smart. Yeah. It's, a smart time., You're. Looking like yeah Joey, the genius is what they're, going to have to probably call you here.

. Well, my cousin made a very good point to me because I love to gamble., I'm a gambler. And, of course, with the state of the world. Oh, What a coincidence I didn't get to much casinos., So my cousin was like & quot Alright.

So how much would you put out on the craps table & quot? He was like & quot Put that in Bitcoin.. So that way you are done this year. & quot, And it was a very smart move by him. Yeah. And it was a good analogy because he's like & quot.

Hey you know what You didn't spend that money so see what happens with it. & quot And the bet played out.. So it's. Cool. Yeah, your in house money at this point.. Yes, that's, right.. That's good., You're, probably doing pretty well.

If that's, when you bought., I mean I guess, Bitcoin was around, you know $ 10,000. Around that time I don't know where you got it at Yeah., but it's been all uphill since then., So cool.. Well, listen! Let's! Talk about this because this is something I'm.

Very interested in because I'm trapped in this world of crypto here.. You're in this world of entertainment. And we're starting to tap into the world of sports right now. I've got some big. You know sports celebrities coming on the show pretty soon hopefully.

. But what do you think? Do you hear anybody else kind of in you know the entertainment world that you know that you're friends with talking about crypto? Is it something that is starting to catch a little buzz Yeah for sure.

? I mean just between the guys that I work with you know they're, all looking at a project to put in there. And then you'll, see in you know a lot of music. A lot of artists are putting out. You know the albums and digital stuff like that.

, I feel like every week you see one or two new things that are coming out and I think it's, going to be -- there's, going to be a tipping point where People are like -- there's, going to be those doing it just to try to you, know, catch a trend, Yeah.

and then people that do it because they're interested in a way to actually share their content. Yeah.. So I think it's, going to be interesting to see who survives that where people are just like & quot.

Oh, you're, not putting out something that you're, proud of. & quot, Like I'm, proud of what I did for it. Yeah.. It was something I was thinking about. Doing. They're cool.. We'll, put them on the screen.

And we & # 39. Ll have links for people to check out the Lil'Belly collection. Yeah. I'm actually coming out with a 2nd collection, called the Big Belly collection.. So --, Okay, great, that will be -- Yeah.

. You have Big Belly collection, too. Right., It'll. Just be a picture of me and that's. What people say anyways. I was actually going to do a --. I was actually going to do like a side by side with my shirt off and do like you know a cover of like --.

Oh there's, Lil'Belly. Let's, see him. Pull him up, so people could see.. He's, all about there.. Yeah. Wow. There's, his little belly. And here's --. So there's, big belly. Yeah, so -- I'm, pretty big belly too.

So you know we're on the same boat.. It's called being a man.. Let's! Be honest! Okay! Let's, be honest about it., So when it -- so here we go., I want to kind of pitch to you. Here., Like I just want to pitch to you, here.

. Okay, it's, a skit.. It's, an Impractical, Jokers prank, where basically, you just create a really terrible NFT and then try to sell it to kids.. What do you think It's? Not bad.. We actually had an idea for a punishment on the show, because Sal is a super --.

He like analyzes, a lot. Like he takes in information.. His brain works in a way that I don't know any other human that does. It's, amazing the way it works. And he's, trying to understand the whole NFT thing.

. So we were actually saying that we were going to get a roomful of crypto experts and put Sal and have to make him present what exactly NFTs are and the best way to use them.. He would just -- his brain would malfunction.

. I think it'd, be like shorted out and just fall on the floor.. Well, I'll sign up. Okay. I'll, come throw darts at him. And yeah, so pretty good Great, but you know you think about like. I know you guys do punishments on the show and stuff like that, and I was just sitting here.

Thinking like you know, like Fantasy Football Leagues, when people lose, they have to. You know: go dress up like a lady and stand on the corner and you know or whatever it is where the other teams -- Like having bets.

. Imagine upping the ante here where you go, do the punishment, but you also turn it into an NFT, because then it's. Not just one day you're having to live through.. There are NFTs of you. You know humiliating yourself.

. That sounds to be right up your alley.. Yes, and somebody owns your humiliation.. You can say & quot, Oh yeah., I own Joe's, humiliation. & quot. That's, great Yeah exactly.. I think that's. Definitely something pretty cool.

So yeah, so let's talk just kind of to wrap things up here. You want to just talk a little bit about like what are your plans for --? Are you just going to do this one series and that's, going to be it Kind of? What is your --? I know you talked about the nostalgia, the collect --.

You know you got movie stuff behind you there. Like do. You have like kind of a bigger picture of what you want to do with NFTs, Or you're just going to release this one thing and that's, going to be it Kind of.

What is your mindset on that? Well, I released this series as one of one.. It's, just like the only ones that you can get. And then I did really enjoy the photography of taking the pictures of Lil'Belly.

And I have a bunch of different ideas. And we also like I mentioned earlier. We tour. And we're about to --. We're, going to tart our tour up again. You know when the world opens back up.. I think we're starting up towards the end of the year or whenever it is.

, But I would love to take him on the road with me and then I would have a collection of him just all around which is really fun.. So I think there'll, be that and then I also have some ideas for a video, a couple, little video Yeah.

of things that I was going to do., But the potential is just so there. Yeah. Like that's. What I'm, really excited about., But I think I & # 39. Ll always live in a photography kind of world because that's.

The way my creative juices flow. It's really just in you know the still image and cool ways to take pictures, so. Yeah and we could do the NFT of my robotic laugh. Ha Ha Ha. I was thinking actually that would be the signature on all my -- Absolutely.

. As my automated signature comes in. Yeah for sure., So these --, I didn't realize.. I didn't realize until you just said that, like these are all one of ones., So how many -- Yeah 7. There are seven.

Okay.. There are seven., Seven total exactly.. Let me hit & quot View All & quot. I'm. Looking at this kind of you know on the screen, here. Yeah - these are pretty cool.. I like the one where he's. Looking in the mirror.

Yeah, he's, reflecting on himself.. He's, a true hero. You know Taking it all in. Yeah. Yeah., I mean if you switch this green out, for you know, gray and orange. This would be me probably I think, so.

Yeah. It's, good.. Maybe next series we could do it, you know., We could do it with you next series., Maybe next series., And so your idea is like you sell these, and people have these and then eventually you go on tour.

You go do stuff and you take him with you kind of like Bernie Sanders and all that stuff, but cool.. Yes, exactly right. The same exact idea. It's. Really, you know Same exact, idea. Lil'Belly. Is the Bernie Sanders of NFT.

That's? What I like to say., I love it.. I'm, a big fan, so. Awesome.! Well Joe, this has been really interesting.. I'm, definitely going to be watching these NFTs to see how they do.. I hope you sell all of them.

And I hope you know they resale and they get. You know the nostalgia value for somebody else for everything that you do.. So I'm. Very interested to watch, see how the traveling goes eventually.. I think that'll, be cool.

Yeah. And thanks for coming on the show.. Is there anything else you want to leave us with today? No, I just want to say quick, a appreciation to you man.. I think it's really important. What you're doing here, to try to make this scary world digestible to people.

. You have a really good way to --. Like I've watched a bunch of your stuff., You have a really good way of explaining things and making it definitely like digestible to people who are a little intimidated by it.

And it's. A fun thing to be part of, and you're having fun with it.. So congratulations to you. And I'm glad that you're having a good time with it.. I appreciate it.. That means a lot.. That means a lot to me, because that is the No.

1 thing we strive to do is just be relatable and simple, and you know explain crypto to people in a way that's, not intimidating., So that's, a big honor To hear you say that., So I'm. Definitely, like I said going to look forward to this collection.

. If anybody wants to go check out the collection we & # 39, ll put the OpenSea link down below., You guys go put some bids on this stuff., Let's, see where it can go. And anybody else who's watching right.

Now, if you guys have any questions you guys can put those down in the comments. We'll try to get to them.. I guess that's, all we got. Be blessed.. That's. It Thanks so much for having me Ben. Absolutely.

, Be blessed. BitBoy, out., Okay., Bye,